Slovo Delo Business Course

Item code: 648766
Type of product: Books
Rubric: Russian for foreigners.
Purpose: Textbooks and studies. allowance / other types of training
ISBN: 978-5-9900586-7-5
Series: Non-serial edition
Publisher: KREF-R
Year of publication: 2009
Number of pages: 236
Circulation: 1000
Format: 60×90 / 8
UDC: 811.161.1’36 ′ (075.4)
Barcode: 9785990058675

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The textbook “Слово и Дело” is intended for business people who study Russian as a foreign language, have basic language training and want to expand their knowledge. The tutorial consists of two parts, each of which has 10 lessons related to one plot and characters. Each lesson consists of dialogues, vocabulary and grammar exercises, tables and a dictionary. At the beginning of the lesson, a summary of the previous one is given, which allows, firstly, to carry out a logical connection between the lessons and, secondly, to use this text as a model for retelling the content. The CD for this book contains business dialogues.