Диалог beginner level. Workbook

  • Publisher: CREF Publishing (2019)
    Author: Tchekletova Irina
    ISBN-13: 978-5904287801
    Size: 20.5 x 29.7 x 0.5 cm


The work book is an integral part of the learning method “Диалог” (beginner level). It allows the students to deepen the grammatical and lexical knowledge acquired during the learning process with the coursebook as well as expanding the vocabulary by introducing new words (highlighted in red in the pages of the work book).

In addition to various written exercises (make sentences following the model, complete the text with the correct answers, describing pictures, etc …), the workbook offers texts and dialogues in which the new concepts are presented through situations encountered in everyday life in a Russian-speaking context. These texts and dialogues in context are a perfect complement to the coursebook.