• Publisher: CREF Publishing (2017)
  • Author(s) : William Courmaceul
  • ISBN-13: 978-5904287597
  • Pages : 90
  • Package Dimensions: 34 x 23.6 x 1 cm

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BEABA – Level 3 is aimed at learners who are familiar with the alphabet, are able to read and write words in capital letters, start writing in lowercase letters and have a solid foundation in understanding and oral skills
Learning objectives: – Introduction to reading and writing – Acquisition of new vocabulary related to each theme – Introduction to basic grammar rules and concepts – BEABA also helps develop the learner’s speaking skills Format: – This activity book covers 22 themes that are spread across 5 units – Broadening the learner’s horizon – An easy to understand visual evaluation system for each exercise – Each unit contains an illustrated contents page and a dedicated evaluation page to record and monitor the learner’s progress – A wide array of stickers to be used at various stages throughout the book. BEABA is multi-level language course designed to deliver French as a Foreign Language to very young learners. Spread across 3 levels, the course focuses on reading, writing and comprehension as well as developing handwriting skills. BEABA uses a thematic approach to learning French. The themes covered throughout the course have been specially selected to capture the imagination of very young learners and to provide them with a good foundation of French. Students are accompanied by fun and relatable characters throughout their journey, like Tiloup, who is here to guide the learners through each exercise and creates a light hearted and enjoyable learning environment. He sets a good example, makes jokes, dresses up and asks the learners important questions. The wide selection of stickers makes learning French a truly enjoyable experience too. To compliment this activity book, supplementary materials – including a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide – are also available for download from our website www.crefpublishing.com