Cookies policy

Cookies policy

In accordance with the legislation in force, we provide users the information about the Cookies we utilize and the reason for their use in the website WWW.CREFPUBLISHING.COM (henceforward referred to as Cref publishing), as well as requesting your consent to use them.

Cref publishing, as well as most of the Internet websites, uses Cookies to improve and optimize the user’s experience. You will now find the detailed information about what the “Cookies” are, which typology does Cref publishing use, how can you deactivate them in your browser and how can you block specifically the installation of third-party Cookies.



Cookies are small files that the webpage or the application you utilize installs in your browser or in your device (Smartphone, tablet or connected television) during your use of the webpage or of the application, and they store information about your visit. As most of the Internet websites, Cref publishing use Cookies in order to:

– Make sure that the website can work properly.

– Store your preferences, as well as the language you have selected or the font size.

– Get to know your navigation experience.

– Gather anonymous statistical information, like what pages does the User have seen or how much time has he spent in our website or application.

Cref publishing uses Cookies in order to work, adapt and provide the best navigation to the User.

Cookies are associated only to an anonymous User and his computer/device and they don’t provide references that could permit to know any personal data. In any moment you can access the configuration of your browser in order to modify and/or block the installation of Cookies sent by Cref publishing, without that preventing you from accessing to the contents. However, the quality of the Services could be affected.



The Cookies of the session expire when the User leaves the page or when he closes the browser: in other words, they are active during the visit to Cref publishing and they are cancelled from our computer by leaving it.

Persistent Cookies are a type of Cookies in which the data are stored in a terminal and it is possible to access and treat them during a period defined by the cookie’s responsible, which can span from some minutes up to several years.

On the other hand, depending from the entity that manages the equipment or domain in which the Cookies are managed and treats the obtained data, we can distinguish between first-party Cookies and third-party Cookies.

– First-party Cookies are Cookies associated to your computer and managed exclusively by Cref publishing in order to improve this website working. The information we gather is used to improve the quality of our service.

– If you interact with Cref publishing contents, third-party Cookies as well could establish (for example, by clicking on social networks’ links or by looking at videos hosted in other websites), which are those established by a different domain than Cref publishing. Records realized in social networks and Cookies associated to them are subjected to their Cookies policy.

Surfing in Armasol2000 means that the following types of Cookies could install:

Technologies (Google)

This type of Cookies provide us with information about the use that the User makes of the portal, such as what pages have you visited on signing up, when do you start a session in the portal or if you have had technical problems on accessing some pages. These Cookies don’t allow us to identify you, as the information they gather is anonymous and it will be used only to improve the webpage design and the navigation in the portal, or for statistics, etc.

Analytics (Google Analytics)

They are used for statistical aims only. The information is used to measure the activity in the webpage.



By surfing and continuing in Cref publishing you agree to the use of Cookies in the conditions specified by this Cookies Policy. Cref publishing give access to this Cookies Policy so that the User can be informed, without preventing him from exercising his right to block, eliminate or reject the use of Cookies in any moment.

In any case we inform you that you can block or disable them by activating your computer configuration, which allows you to reject the installation of all the Cookies or of some of them. Most of the browsers allow to notify the presence of Cookies or to reject them automatically. If you reject them you will be able to continue using this website, even if the use of some of its services could be limited and, for this reason, your experience in our website could be less satisfactory.

We will now indicate you the links of the main browsers and devices, so that you can consult all the information about how to manage the cookies in your browser.

Chrome: Configuration -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Contents configuration. For further information, you can consult Google support or the Help section of the browser.

Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Record -> Personalized configuration. For further information, you can consult Mozilla support or the Help section of the browser.

Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet options -> Privacy -> Configuration. For further information, you can consult Microsoft support or the Help section of the browser.

Safari: Preferences -> Security. For further information, you can consult Apple support or the Help section of the browser.

The User can revoke his consent for the use of Cookies (opt-out) in his browser, through the configuration of the options that the browsers provide with this aim.



Cref publishing can modify this Cookies Policy according to new legislative or regulation exigencies, or in order to adapt this policy to the instructions dictated by Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.

For this reason, it is possible that we update the Cookies Policy of our website and we recommend that you revise this policy when you access to Cref publishing, so that you are adequately informed about how and for what do we use the Cookies.